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Aquarian Microsystems

We provide state-of-the-art capabilities in the following areas:

  • Technology development

  • Microfabrication process design 

  • Device design and analysis

  • Process and device metrology and characterization

  • Reliability design, testing and analysis

  • Manufacturing (including packaging), especially fabless manufacturing setup

  • Intellectual property research, analysis, and development


We focus broadly on microsystems technology and nanotechnology.  Our specific interests and expertise (listed oldest to newest) lie in the realm of: 

  • Complementary MOSFETs and semiconductor device physics, including hot carrier effects and high-field transport 

  • Scanning probe microscopy, related MEMS structures, and nanotechnology applications

  • Microflow devices, including pressure sensors, pressure and flow controllers, microvalves, microturbines, and integrated systems

  • Microfluidics, with an emphasis on biomedical applications (biosensors, pharma)

  • Nanoencryption technologies

  • MEMS devices and process technology in general

  • Business plan development related to MEMS-based startup companies

  • MEMS- and sensors-related business development

The matrix below provides points of departure, for a deeper dive into our capabilities, expertise, colleagues, and clients.

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