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Journal Papers

  1. A. K. Henning, N. N. Chan, J. T. Watt and J. D. Plummer, “Substrate current at cryogenic temperatures:  Measurements, and a 2-D model for CMOS technology.”  IEEE  Transactions on Electronic Devices  ED-34, pp. 64-74 (1987). Download PDF

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  5. E. E. Fisch, J. E. Walsh, A. K. Henning, and M. F. Kimmitt, “The semiconductor Cherenkov laser.” Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A304, pp. 679-682 (1991). Download PDF

  6. F. Rodriguez, A. Filimonov, A. Henning, C. Coughlin, M. Greenberg, “Radiation-induced effects in multiprogrammable pacemakers and implantable defibrillators.” Pacing and Clinical Electrophysiology 14, pp. 2143-2153 (1991). Download PDF

  7. H. F. Wei, A. K. Henning, J.  Slinkman, and W. R. Hunter, “A graphical ellipsometric data reduction algorithm and its application in thin SiO2 film measurement.” Journal of the Electrochemical Society 139, pp. 1783-1790 (1992). Download PDF

  8. X. Tian, F. E. Kennedy, Jr., J. J. Deacutis, and A. K. Henning, “The development and use of thin film thermocouples for contact temperature measurement.”  Tribology Transactions 35, pp. 491-499 (1992). Download PDF

  9. A. K. Henning, T. Hochwitz, J. Slinkman, J. Never, S. Hoffman, P. Kaszuba, and C. Daghlian, “Two-dimensional surface dopant profiling in silicon using scanning Kelvin probe microscopy.”  Journal of Applied Physics 77, pp. 1888-1896 (1995). Download PDF

  10. T. Hochwitz, A. K. Henning, C. G. Levey, C. P. Daghlian, J. Slinkman, “Capacitive Effects on Quantitative Dopant Profiling with Scanned Electrostatic Force Microscopes.”  Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B 14, pp. 457-462 (1996). Download PDF

  11. T. Hochwitz, A. K. Henning, C. G. Levey, C. P. Daghlian, J. Slinkman, James Never, Phil Kaszuba, Randy Wells, John Pekarik, Bob Gluck, “Imaging Dopant Profiles of Integrated Circuit Devices with the Force-Based Scanning Kelvin Probe Microscope.”  Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B 14, pp. 440-446 (1996). Download PDF

  12. A. K. Henning and T. Hochwitz, “Scanning Probe Microscopy for 2-D Semiconductor Dopant Profiling and Device Failure Analysis.”  Materials Science and Engineering B42, pp. 88-98 (1996). Download PDF

  13. A. K. Henning, J. S. Fitch, J. M. Harris, E. B. Dehan, B. A. Cozad, L. Christel, Y. Fathi, D. A. Hopkins, Jr., L. J. Lilly, W. McCulley, W. A. Weber, and M. Zdeblick, “Microfluidic MEMS for semiconductor processing.”  IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology B21, pp. 329-337 (1998). Download PDF

  14. A. K. Henning, “Improvements to a compact, pressure- and structure-based compressible gas flow model for microvalves.”  Submitted to IEEE/ASME Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, February, 2004.  Revised April, 2005. Download PDF

  15. A. K. Henning, “Comprehensive model for thermopneumatic actuators and microvalves.”  IEEE/ASME Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems 15(5), pp. 1308-1318 (2006). Download PDF

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